Your great grandfathers did not listen
to the voices of their own ancestors,
ancient humans of the great European forests
when Turtle Island and her Daughters
were still powerful, independent beings,
overflowing with such vibrant, living wealth
there was more than enough for all her children.

But you should listen carefully now
to the people of the water's source,
calling out over the smoldering, smoky mists
of their mangled Amazon world
to those who loot and burn the creation
and those who collect the money.

Listen to us, brothers of the ravenous power,
it is not wise or clever to be so greedy,
since we all breathe the same air
given to us by trees and tiny ocean creatures.
You and I cannot live and no life can exist
without their help and all the living things
they nourish, which is everyone everywhere.
We humans must respect them and together
we must give them all the space they need
to keep on using and sharing and returning
the riches of this great mysterious animal
you call planet Earth.

Do you care for your own life, brother
and love a woman to bear your children?
Do you remember who gave you birth,
taught you to walk and speak words?
Then also care for this earthen mother
who still supports you, even today
as you cut down trees to frame pictures
of her once beautiful landscapes,
even when you dig into her native skin,
grinding up her flesh and bones to feed
your industrial fabrications of life
and suck her blood to pump fuel
into your poisonous mechanical toys
whose artificial power drives you
to slaughter each other by the millions
so a few can feel safe from danger,
while you befoul her water and air
with chemical sewage and suffocating gasses,
even now after she has given you so much
that she is dying of this squalid disease
you vainly call human civilization,
still you angrily tear at her bruised
and nearly exhausted body because
not even all her material treasures
can fill your empty spirit's hunger.
Yet, even now she loves you,
and weeps for you,
her most brilliant child.

Oh yes, you should listen now, brother
and pause to think awhile before
pushing any further along
you technoid path to the stars,
dragging everyone with you,
because you will never get there
however green your international dollars,
they cannot shelter and feed you
when the jungles and forests are gone,
the oceans turned into sewers
and all the supermarkets are empty
because the soil is burning dust
under a furious, unforgiving Sun.


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John Talbot Ross