By-pass the Bylaws and fudge the Cause
by shrewdly confusing desire with need,
to nurture a timid, unquestioning trust
greet all decisions with happy applause,
since none are allowed ambition or greed,
market all savings so everyone must
be polite and discreet about personal wealth.
But if a young member turns mentally ill,
her costly psychiatric council and care
threatening the community's financial health,
double-team the crazy thing, though it warps
the labor code, prescribe this poison pill:
"do your full quota or walk out of here!" -
and oops! She decided to fly with the butterfly
arrived at her suicide corpse.
So sad, too bad, but hey, don't get mad!
We tolerate the slow, give power to the quick,
then permissive when credit card payments are due,
so true to the Founder's unofficial directive,
first prize to her classic oxymoronic trick -
"equality over time" (for a privileged few)
those tenured members of a social collective
are free to finesse all subtle and slick,
their conscience down-loaded to the minimal view
of an idealistic member like a teenage child,
fun to live with and just a little thick.
So turn off the news and rev up the Rock,
forever is whatever is funny and wild,
smoke on, party hardy, mellow out on video flick,
since success is a portfolio of company stock,
who cares zip about a dream defiled
when each has a claim to carrot or stick?!

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