Think If You Care

because with her massive
industrial infections
Mother Earth has a fever
from coughing and sneezing
on toxic soils, water and air,
requiring a clean revolution
when over seven billion
money-addicted consumers
safely recycle all their
mounting tons of pollution --
but not when most men
fight among themselves
for ego-dollar domination --
so now our nurturing instinct
joins our rational intellect
to plan a smaller human family
let decent citizens agree
to finally set us free
from all that macho insanity
teach boys friendly cooperation
recycling each military installation
like in each and every nation
where pollution enrages the weather
stop growth of ecocidal prosperity
on this planet of shrinking capacity
grow wilderness for life generation
under Nature's balanced reality
our gentle re-education
creates an evergreen
village civilization.

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John Talbot Ross