In ancient times, long before history was remembered or written in books
and before money was invented, about 15 million years ago, wandering apes
got lost in the vast tall grasslands of Southern Africa and, so not to starve,
fed on the remains of antelope killed by lions and by observing, learned and
imitated the hunting tactics of lions and jackals, using stones, clubs, crude spears
and traps. When prey was scarce, some turned to cannibalism, raiding and pillaging
other ape encampments. Why ?!

Because each family sees itself as the center of existence, so the people on
the other side of the mountain could not be human beings, but animals pretending
to be humans; and they have been acting on that attitude ever since they
evolved from apes and before. Even today, the few thousand chimpanzees
now remaining in the shrinking African wilderness, have been observed dividing
into opposing clans, stalking, killing and cannibalizing each other. One male was
observed in a rainstorm imitating the lightning and thunder by waving a tree branch
in the air, running and screaming as though to become that terrifying power.
Even lemurs in Madagascar have been observed dividing into opposing factions,
screaming and throwing objects at each other.

It appears this entire species from its very beginning was always afflicted with
terrifying mental images that haunted individuals and drove them insane, so they
turned on each other, imagining they could steal another life simply by eating it
and so escape death. It was their painfully high intelligence that haunted our
primitive ancestors with images of their own inevitable end. We are the only
animal so intensely self-aware that we think ahead into the future and realize
we must someday die, a terrible thought to such self-conscious, dream-haunted
creatures. But why us? None of the other animals appear to suffer such extreme
anxiety, or is it only because they have no spoken language? If we were all as
telepathic as our dogs, perhaps we could read their fearful thoughts too. Why
aren't we telepathic? A few of us are, but most are so trapped in the struggle
to make money, we don't give ourselves time to rest and let our minds drift, and
even then it's too late. Most children are born with some small degree of "extra
sensory perception", but parents ridicule them and suppress it, otherwise the
neighbors might think they're insane and call the authorities.

So, how did the early human race lose its telepathic ability and degenerate into
tribes of crazy apes who launch wars of extermination against each other? One of
the rare books I own says that cannibal feasts included the brains of the victim,
which changed the mental chemistry of the cannibal making him mad with sexual
desire and strange new thoughts. "Intelligence can be eaten" says the author, but
as we know from modern science and recent cases of "mad cow disease" also called
"Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease", an infected cow or human usually dies slowly of
dementia and loss of muscle control as the microscopic prions work their way
through the blood stream into the brain to make all the wrong connections. But
our primate ancestors couldn't realize that, so cannibalism continued until the
human brain was altered forever and passed down through the surviving children -
to us. Yes, we are all descended from cannibals.

Actually, it's in the Genesis story in the Christian Bible:

2-9 "And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant
to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden;
and the tree of knowledge of good and evil."....

16 "And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden
thou mayest freely eat:"

17 "But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it:
for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.".....

What is "the tree of life"? - the human body.
What is "the tree of the knowledge of good and evil"? - the human head.

Notice, the Biblical God did not forbid the eating of the tree of life, only the tree
of knowledge of good and evil. Was it OK to be a cannibal, but not a head hunter?

Cannibalism would have wiped out the human race and the only reason we are here
is because it was bitterly fought and defeated by the mothers determined to save
their children. That is why the earliest tribes were completely dominated by women.
Men were too impulsive and dangerous to be trusted with leadership, so they were
kept under strict supervision by the Mother's family who tended to solve problems
and settle tribal disputes peacefully by trade, gifts and inter-marriage. Motherhood
itself was seen as a magical power possessed by strong women who were obeyed
and worshipped as devinely gifted beings, whether they deserved it or not, making
both good queens and bad queens. Fatherhood was merely a subversive notion to be
ridiculed and suppressed for countless centuries, until the invention of herding and
animal husbandry made it clear that no female could give birth without male semen.

Then, armed with that great revelation, men organized the patriarchal revolution and,
after horrendous tribal wars, overthrew the matriarchate and consigned women to be
servants and breeders, not slaughtered like cattle, but harshly disciplined whenever
necessary. Thus, within a kingdom, children were taught that only men have the cool
intelligence to rule, because women are too emotional to portray the objectivity
required for just and fair decision-making. Fathers were then seen as innately wise,
benevolent, strong and able to defend against their enemies, and that is why the
Christian Bible portrays God as male and why women were forbidden to be priests.
A few kings were able to live up to their exalted self-image, but most were not,
so wars of conquest and empire, defeat and slavery became the engine of ancient
history, especially as new inventions provided greater power to grow, expand and
become rich with grain and tools to trade with other kingdoms.

In modern times, with the advantage of historical experience
and scientific discoveries, we tend to see the intoxication
of power to govern, rule and dictate as the main problem, not
which sex occupies the hereditary throne or elected office.
After centuries of male supremacy and abuse of women, we
favor a family partnership instead of domination by either
husband or wife, and government by democracy instead of royal
decree, papal edict or party dictate. But the matriarchy ruled long
before written history, so we know much more about what
happened afterward than before.

The Archeological evidence, uncovered and studied, does show
that people settled down into defensive villages and, during
times of peace, traded animal skins and bone handiwork, and
improved their skills to create wooden tools, woven baskets
and blankets. Too often they argued and fought over each
item's value. So, as centuries passed, metals like copper,
gold and silver were also traded as ornaments or lumps and
bars, then cast into smaller ingots until stamped coins
became a measure of value and a medium of exchange for
almost everything.

Thus, what we know today as capitalism and big business
began with those ancient anonymous people who used coins to
exchange for various crafted products. The more coins, the
more bolts of cloth and jars of spice for resale to travelers
passing through the villages and towns that slowly grew into
cities. Some of the very earliest evidence of written
language are simple records of sale carved on stone. In that
sense, money exchange has been with us almost from day one,
half defining our civilization as such.

Before money was invented, people survived by cooperation,
helping each other within a large family and its friends and
neighbors. But when the plow was invented and then animal
husbandry, perhaps in ancient Egypt, things got very
complicated. It became possible to grow more food than a
village or town needed, so a harvest could be traded to
outsiders, or sold for money, adding to the wealth of the
family clever enough to deal for their own advantage. Thus,
cooperation was diminished by self-interest. Not only was
the tribal chieftain a fine hunter and wise counselor, he was
also clever at business. His family would accumulate more
crafted possessions and coins, which might be shared among
their neighbors, or kept to trade with other villages for
the greater wealth and power of that ruling family, whose
village then grew into a town, then a city and eventually an
empire that dominated the lives of many thousands of people,
by kindness or cruelty, depending more on the circumstances
of trade than any traditions of mutual aid among family,
friends and neighbors.

Eventually, as the populations grew, the job of governing
became ever more complicated, requiring the king's full
attention, so business and statecraft slowly divided into
seperate and sometimes competeing areas of social power.

Today that struggle continues, taking the form of two
opposing ideas: democratic capitalism - everyone trading
honestly and fairly, employers paying fair wages, the rich
sharing generously with the poor, all overseen by benevolent
government agencies; versus greedy, predatory capitalism -
everyone trading for maximum personal and family wealth and
power, the rich exploiting ever-growing masses of the poor
as cheap labor, giving charity through agencies they control to
reduce or avoid taxes, and all overseen by corrupt political
appointees who dominate government agencies to make them
loyal to their rich supporters.

As an example:
After many years of suffering under the Royal tyranny of rich
imperial English families and their 17th century trading
companies, the American colonists revolted and with our
famous American Revolution, established the concept of
democracy which, acting under our Constitution and its Bill
of Rights, tries to prevent the political domination of
whatever wealthy families may build fortunes in the "New
World". But in fact, the English colonists true motive for
declaring their independence from England was to get rid of
the legal restrictions on Westward expansion, since the
white population was exploding and had nowhere else to go.
Thus, one of the great tragedies of history was inflicted
upon the native peoples of this continent who were slyly
cheated or brutally driven from their open hunting lands by
masses of land hungry "Americans" whose practice of their
democratic ideals did not include Indians or African slaves.
Delaware History

Yet, the wording of the U.S. Constitution opened the way for
centuries of continuing struggle to apply its democratic
principals legally to all citizens of every race, religion
and nationality. During the past 226 years, that idea of
democracy has spread throughout the World, evolving into a
rough and ever-struggling balance between the two contending
opposites - private versus social ownership of property.

Privately owned companies expand their manufacture and sale
of new products, creating greater wealth, while local, state
and federal agencies levy taxes to distribute some of that
wealth as social services throughout the growing population,
encouraging them to join a growing economy for everyone's
benefit. Yet, many small business owners and corporate
executives hate those taxes, dreaming of all the enormous
wealth and power they could use to expand their influence,
while many workers resent and fear the power of both the
huge, multi-national corporations and the equally huge
federal bureaucracies. Too much of a good thing turns it bad.

Thus, capitalism is a mixture of blessing and curse, complicated
by deceptive commercial advertising and political corruption.
In the Presidential election of 2000 each candidate claimed
to offer the best public service for the people's welfare -
(socialism). Yet both men were rich, private businessmen worth
millions. Even the Green Party candidate, Ralph Nader was rich,
and as he ran his spoiler campaign to take Democratic votes,
the election itself was rigged by Bush's Brother Jeb and his
then Secretary of State Katharine Harris who hired a private
software corporation to strip the voting lists of mostly Black
voters, thousands of whom showed up at the polling places
to be told "You're not on the list." A similar theft was
perpetrated in Ohio in 2004 when Republican state voting
officials in Ohio rigged the election in favor of Bush using
a wide variety of tricks and scams. So who's kidding who?
No matter which party or candidate "wins" an election, the
system of the rich ruling the poor goes on as usual.

In a system of monetary exchange, there would be nothing
wrong with each person earning a reasonable profit, enough
extra to buy various furnishings and equipment for a small
house or apartment, a vacation, savings for the children's
future, and retirement, and all that seems possible through
micro-financing credit arrangements, inspiring dilligent work
for a progressive way of life, including our Social Security
retirement system. Small-scale capitalism together with
limited socialism has succeeded in creating the prosperity
we enjoy - or so it seems, but it's not a reliable economy.

What happens when corporate Chief Executive Officers (CEOs)
and their Boards of Directors award themselves six figure
salaries and million dollar bonuses from profits that should
be shared throughout the company? It inspires the underclass
of low-paid workers to cheat, steal and/or to unionize and
go on strike, not just for livable wages, but for as much as
their union bosses can negotiate, even if that overwhelms
a company's profit margin, which then provokes the company
accountants to "cook the books" to avoid higher taxes (for a
growing population) then safety managers make false reports
to reduce company expenses, etc. - all to fill the huge
money gap gouged by those bloated salaries, huge bonuses and
inflated wages.

From top to bottom in various ways great and small, "the
system" instigates nearly everyone to cheat, steal and lie,
which pressures the entire economy to expand, seeking
millions of new customers to buy millions more products, so
the spreading margin of profit will compensate for the money
spent on those huge salaries and bonuses, bloated wages and
benefits and all the cheating, stealing and lying. Yet, both
CEOs and workers see their excessive habits as normal, so
they press on for more of the same. Then, to avoid possible
bankruptcy, companies are forced to raise prices, then
unions demand higher wages, then prices rise again, onwards
and upwards into an inflationary spiral of greed, everyone
reaching and grabbing to get a bigger piece of the economic
pie, which is, in fact, planet Earth.

Thus, an ever-growing economy seems like a healthy economy,
regardless of any consequences to the health and safety of
the people, or the natural environment that provides all of
us with fresh air, clean water, fertile soil and nourishing
food. State and federal agencies pick out glaring examples of
corporate stealing or pollution, and union corruption,
attempting to justify their own escalating bureaucratic
salaries, rewards and benefits, but the corporate "big boys"
roll on, grumbling and warning against "socialism" while
conspiring to evade whatever laws are cutting into their
re-investment capital and their competitive agenda to
"get big or get out."

Today, the World market in all its manifestations is a huge,
blind, all-devouring dragon stumbling and staggering into
its own self-endangered future, dragging everyone with it.

For example, prices are determined by ever-changing mixtures
of supply and demand, the very cheapest possible cost of
producing a product bringing in the highest price millions
of ad-driven customers are willing to pay. Thus, hard work
in one industry is rewarded at 5 times the rate of similar
hard work in another, simply because advertising always
exadurates the people's appetite for whatever they desire,
like a house for the family. So, millions of plywood and
2 by 4 fire traps are thrown up and priced at 5 times their
actual value, because millions of people are willing to go
into a life-time of debt to pay for it. Likewise, to occupy
a modern, fancy office building, a corporation is willing to
pay enormous rent, or build their own for many millions of
dollars, which their customers end up paying for in higher
prices. That's the market dictating "whatever the traffic
will bear". The result is, some of the richest people in the
World are in the real estate business.

Advertising also persuades millions of people they should own
their own car or small truck. Yet, even after many thousands
of fatal accidents on overcrowded highways in defective
vehicles and 40 years of court litigation, the automotive
industry is STILL producing death and destruction on the
roads and expressways, witness the recent Firestone tire
disaster. In the ad-driven market economy, cost-accounting is
always at war with the health and safety of the people who
buy the products. Thus, all industries are forced by
competition to operate by the same economic law of supply and
demand, which really seems little different from the law of
the jungle, as in "Let the buyer beware"; "A fool and his
money are soon parted" and "The Wall Street sharks are
circling" - and don't forget the worst example: the lying
advertisments for cigarettes that lured many thousands of
trusting smokers into addiction and early death from lung
cancer and emphysema.

This is the economic monster that is destroying the Earth.


Consider a stable society in which managers and workers
together are the owners and they all get a reasonable share
of their company's profits, according to the value of their
work, so nobody really needs a wage or salary increase. Any
increase in profits produced by greater sales is shared
automatically as wages and salaries go up or down, depending
on quarterly profits. If they produce a safe and well-made
product for a reasonable price that thousands of people need
and want, profits would be good and everyone would get their
percentage. If not, they would all get exactly that much less
as the unsold items represent the cost of production. Then,
once prices are set according to regional sales research,
they would almost never be raised, unless something external
happened that did inevitably raise the cost of production.
All such matters would be discussed openly by everyone in the
company and with consultation with whoever is interested
among the general public. A price rise is everyone's
business who will have to pay it.

If all the companies in the World operated this way, there
would be no inflationary spirals, no recessions, no CEOs and
their Boards of Directors could grab six-figure salaries and
million dollar bonuses, workers would never have to go on
strike for higher wages to keep up with rising prices, and
the class war would be ended forever. Call it cooperative
capitalism (but isn't that a contradiction in terms?)

Even so, if people were persuaded to practice family planning
to reduce the human population to about a third of its
present size, then modern technology would create a virtual
paradise on Earth for everyone.

Instead, the opposite is happening. Big corporations and
organised religions are deliberately promoting a relentless
growth of the human population to feed their relentlessly
growing empire, conspiring to create a "New World Order" and
a "New American Century" in which 99% of the people are now
trapped as sweatshop wage-slaves, crop-picking stoop laborers
or service employees and household servants, all permanently
in debt and completely at the mercy of their rich employers
whose absolutely corrupted governments enforce their rule as
an upper class aristocracy that yearns for royal privileges,
even while the Earth degenerates around them. It won't work,
but they are trapped in their delusions of grandeur -- and
despite the recent economic downturn, the crooked business
of getting rich fast goes on as usual.

This is why I propose that people around the World cooperate
to organize continental networks of eco-tech villages that
grow their own food, build their own shelter, sew their own
clothes, plan their own families, home school their own
children and carefully surround themselves with miles of
healthy wilderness. Such villages would have no need of big
corporations or big government because they would be free
to trade with each other for mutual benefit according to
the principle of harm to none.

John Talbot Ross

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