The Race

From eons of instinct
Man's ego-dream chart
built up today's 500
fortunate enterprises
like BP and Walmart,
each delusion and deceit
defying the physical death
in each corrupted heart
of product-loyal shoppers,
their appetites'embrace
of sit-com-game-show-heaven
so salty, sweet and tart
they follow in concert
Anglo rock & pop's
dumb-down music & art,
inflating all desire
to charge-card whatever
makes self-imaging smart
to dissimulate from
environmental crimes
of their own heaping trash
so hot investors can start
yet more capital ventures
with those growing populations
of low-wage labor-a-la-carte
adding to the Western web of lies
their own eco-toxic growth
of landfill in the ocean
that before unbelieving eyes
gestates a global methane fart
from a polluted, flammable Earth
that finally ignites,
rips everything apart
and dies.

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