Terminal Instinct

On and on he grew
this tribal urge
to own the Earth
his martial view
to force the surge
of her prodigal birth
for growing his crew
to loot and scourge
with warrior skills
of no more worth
than his phobic curse
to track and kill
the symbols of death
who block his will
to be rich and wild
and seldom at peace
but ravish until
she is ever with child
that his tribe increase.

Now mad with stress
in crowded excess
as we dump and flush
our sludgy swill
joins plastic trash
in oceans of waste
and tons of rubbish
on peaks of landfill
under smoggy skies
struggle billions of shoppers
in debt and haste
like me and you
believed the whoppers
that hid the mess
so never to see
the report is true
our growing mass
of pollution and worse
is the toxic death
of Biosphere Blue
our only source
of life and breath.

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