Forced by hunger
all life on Earth
must kill and devour
life to live trapped by
Man's macho instinct
to overpopulate and
exploit everything
for his wealthy power,
though such global chaos
drives species extinct
under his tons of waste,
wilderness destruction
and weather chaos, or
has the orbiting Moon
slipped too far away
to hold Earth's axis steady,
thus slightly swinging
the North Pole south,
or somehow will this
living surviving biosphere
spontaneously heal itself
in whatever ways it must
when as it disposed
of the dinosaurs,
so it may of us,
or in any case
will the exploding
supernova burn and
sweep everything
into deep space?
That way,
even at the cost
of planetary death,
the super rich can
stay super rich
to their very
last breath (!)

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John Talbot Ross