Autumn's cleansing wind and rain,
Winter's sleepful snow and sleet,
Vernal warming of bud and sprout,
Summer's burgeoning green and heat
all for us may still remain
when power plays burn out
and money games deplete.
Ancient cycles regenerate
where brute industries contaminate
and in fifty years or so
whole new forests then will grow
as oceans re-spawn their millions
if humans reduce their billions,
then bio-regions rebalance
for village farming abundance
and gardener's innermost pleasure
with what we already know
of appropriate technology plus
Orphean music's rebirth
in astral energies glow
our goddess may smile her troth
if returning to her she returns to us
riches beyond a need to measure
blossoming Nature's resurrection,
co-evolving new tribal lore
as Earth and Poe's redemption
quoth the song birds "Evermore".

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John Talbot Ross