Whatever science may prove or religion teach,
medical breakthrough, miraculous cure,
unlike more natural beings on Earth,
if we don't LEARN to love our children,
each solips ego will shun and punish
those trusting, innocent, wondering eyes
yearning for knowledge of what it means
to be alive.

Simpler animals give graphic lessons
that humans cannot require:
the dog pack starving to feed their pups
surrounded by Manmade desert;
the calico cat burning to save her kittens
from the civilized house on fire.

But in Darfur the children die first,
and our Susan "wept" for her "kidnapped" kids,
pleading for their "safe return",
slipping her crime on racial grease,
while less daring mommies and daddies
merely neglect, insult, beat and molest,
then falsely accuse and compromise
any neighbor who tells the police.

After Hillary quoted that famous line:
"it takes a village to raise a child"
she helped her Bill "grow the economy"
damning to city and suburban squeeze
every last village ripe for the business
of fattening real-estate corporations
for multiple election campaign bribes
so U.S. jobs can move pay-cut overseas
while millions of cheap-labor aliens arrive,
crowding to drugs, crime and suicide
our youth who cannot afford to be young
sensing the game is a fatal disease
covered by so much political jive.

Then, non-elected President Bush
abusing the terrorized majority
maneuvered a Congressional push
for the cause that bought his priority:
service privatization for corporate liberation
from environmental and financial regulation
obscured by his filial war of retaliation
that triggered the present economic crash.

Meanwhile, our life-supporting Earth
is near failing to adapt, renew and thrive
under growing megatons of our trash.
Now answer the child who loves you:
"Into such madness you gave me birth,
like that's what I get for being alive?!"

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