Polemical Rant 2004

Flaunting Presidential conceit
while playing Texas rancher,
a pious corprate revancher
led by his back-seat driver
promised they would deliver
the nation to privatization,
so politely stepped back
for the 9/11 attacks,
90% approval ratings
and the military contracts
for his war in Iraq;
then back-seat showed how
to prove he's no gentleman,
flung the famous f-word
at an accusing Congressman
without an apology heard
nor honest ethical vow,
but later shot his friend
turning to shoot a bird,
so boyishly absurd
we fully comprehend
his impulse-intoxicated,
male power-concentrated
on their tax-cut-and spend
wrecking dedication,
while dissing the plight
in their backroom spite
the dollar desperation
of a ruined middle class
whose economic crash
was their administration
of rabid profiteers
over millions of pliable,
sweet-swilling, cow-grilling,
pill-popping shoppers
all wasting suicidal
in self-duplicity
expecting rebirth
instead of toxicity
from dying planet Earth.

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John Talbot Ross