How deceitfully vague
and fundamentally wrong
that life evolved as a teaser,
its seeming balance a plague
of predatory migrations
and land hungry invasions
where serial instability
is inflicted instinctively
by a schizophrenic throng
of smug omniverous feeders
in allegiance to yet another
flock, herd, pack or tribal leader
now turned lying crowd pleaser
who quotes the same old song
from the military theater
of felony wasted treasure
to raise higher than ever
that phallic imperial tower,
pillar of the rich and strong
who glean their political power
by feigning a moral humility
over grifted legal agility
so neither good or evil
succeed for long,

because air, soil and water
cannot crash the limits
of Earth's creative supply,
Man's egocentric hauteur
does by amassing profits
from a market growing hotter
as if God implored to try
whatever may feed the habits
including animal slaughter

when all their high-tech efforts
to grow their economic might
and expand their religious right
depend on cheated squatters
whose low wage mass affords
their super rich desserts --
now assaulted by deserts
and the ecocidal plight
of multibillion hordes,

and still they render
best hope as Heaven,
worst fear as Hell,
wishing and dreading
an early or late surrender
in the death of one another
so their worthy souls arise
from His toxic global cell
to gain their happy reprise
from an all-forgiving Father?

Though raised in obligation
to follow His Commandments,
no words for His creation,
planet Earth and inhabitants,

"so are we then
a sequential event
we did not begin
and cannot prevent?"

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