Nearly every day
I happily try to be
that helpful friend
my neighbors allow,
yet I am haunted
by the impending
worldwide calamity
they dare not comprehend,
the hedge corrupted lending
for rampant deficit spending
on sprawling commercial growth
for executive wealth and power
they can well afford to extend
by ignoring the tons of rubbish,
junk, sludge, smoke and fumes,
that vast and festering blend
in growing mountains of landfill,
swirling patches of plastic ocean,
freshwater lakes no longer fresh
and a jet-exhausted atmosphere
over the haze of big city smog
all dissimulated not to offend
the billions of hardworking but
ad-driven and credit-addicted
trash-dumping shoppers who
with their corporate suppliers
imagine a great future when
they follow the growing trend
their dreams forever expand
to outer space adventures,
while this life-supporting
planetary biosphere
they barely know
and fail to defend
shrinks and slips
into the toxic
of its over-populated,

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