Swirling deep within her cosmic bowl
of nuclear space and primal yearning,
galaxies cleave an Earth delivery,
terminal life to its haunted role,
traumatic dread and fearful turning
away from fatal self-discovery,
past tribal Mothers in balance whole,
Man escapes to slaughter and burning
a passage through cannibal thievery
to guilty knowledge of flesh and soul
as rival arts of conquest and learning
together hunt the cut more savory,
pandemic billions of terrified selves
voyage on seas of no returning,
pleading safety from each other's hell
where murdered wisdom of goddess and elves
feed those who forged a book confirming
their sacrificed god might forever more
ride his surge of creation's swell
on moon-tide silver's glittering allure,
sunbursts of gold all swarming to spend
a coin-casted future in prayer and spell
beyond dark waters may somehow endure
appealing to death for escape from the end
by punishing life with his rage to sell
this enemy personified in tides of war,
killer waves high-rising devour and send
crashing again and again and again
upon Earth's eroding shore.

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John Talbot Ross