Somewhere in the 1960s while I worked on the railroad,
I was poisoned under rather strange circumstances.
An ambulance was called and I was taken to a nearby
hospital, where I was was given intra-venous feeding
and left overnight. Next day I was put in a wheel chair
and taken to a line of other patients to wait for x-rays.
But sitting up made me feel so much worse I called out:
"I'm going to faint! I'm going...going..." and clunk!
I slumped over in the wheel chair unconscious. Annoyed
but dutifully responsive, the nurses trundled me onto a
gurney and rolled me to the emergency room to wait for a
doctor. I know this because even though unconscious, "I"
was floating over my head watching the nurses load my body
onto the gurney, where, returned to a prone position, my
heart started beating again and I woke up next to a young
man in a lot worse shape than I was. As long as I was lying
down I could survive. In a couple of days my physical body
expelled the poison and I recovered.

I forgot about this event, until a few years later in N.Y.C.
I began having out-of-body dream trips, so vivid I recall
them today as actual happenings. I thought I might be going
insane, so as the years passed, I found books on the subject
by Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and many
others. I learned that thousands, perhaps millions of people
around the World have had and are having such experiences.
Then I remembered my own poisoning and, together with the
dream trips, a profound realization came over this long time
atheist/agnostic. It is, as the late Robert Monroe said:
"We are more than our physical bodies."

John Talbot Ross

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