From nebular emission
star-born entrapped
a planetary marriage
of creation & destruction
so life-versus-death
evolved mortally fearful
through eons of physical change
to its top all-devouring
big money predator,
these omnivorous billions
of homo sapiens et nesciens
who now wisely dumb down
as their machines smarten up
doing the job they assigned
to the power of ten and beyond -

or a stable rate of birth
in a smaller population
whose every careful consumer
changes the Earth
from metastic predation
to benign tumor?

Yet all the while
each death transcends
this carnal game of power
in a life of guilty trial
antipodal law commands
everyone's last hour
lay open their file
to purge, redeem and send
as loving souls in flower
perfect all-knowing friends.

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John Talbot Ross