Corporations legally unbounded
siezed a libertarian autonomy
to grow this ecocidal economy
where all life is cost accounted,

so little of wilderness remains,
each nation a patchwork of landfill
seeping into groundwater swill,
micro-toxins for bureaucratic brains

flushing their sewage as treated waste
into the oceans then lie
when whales and dolphins beach and die
culpability must never be traced

to overcrowded masses of defecators
in ever-growing commercial cities
whose overburdened sewage facilities
need ever more pest exterminators,

while corporate wanna-be billionaires
play criminal games of pump and dump
and trigger another economic slump
by selling off their inflated shares

trying to create the first trillionaire
to rule over devastated lands,
so their global empire expands,
but decline to actually share

the reward for such mad persistence,
a cruise on the growing ocean sewers,
an adventure denied our TV viewers
who wallow in their media existence

with questions they can better handle,
like which politician does the best job
pretending he's not a robber baron snob
in yet another big business scandal,

like treasonous but profitable schemes
to hire millions of low wage Mexicans
over millions of high wage Americans
sent back to their trailer park dreams,

or export the entire production
where people so trapped in their masses
make anything from pants to glasses
for one tenth the cost of instruction,

then taxpayer bailout of ruined banks
so happy with sly deregulation
and widespread hidden speculation
CEOs get a big bonus and thanks,

so the Big Boys can operate the planet
where environmental consequences
and revolutionary disturbances
turn a profit by strategy gambit

and keep to the end their dollar worth,
arriving together at the last resort,
a totally nanotech planetary port
now identified as Hell On Earth.

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John Talbot Ross