Where lightning strikes to a beetle's sign
hear now the murmer of distant thunder,
as surgical verse, refined and ripe,
flashes to fame such radical rhyme
the system would grind a poet under
such in-house rules of literary hype
let no such voice speak out of line.

May sleep then fade all physical time,
ascending in love to cosmic wonder
that mythic dreaming transform the night,
absorb in lessons of social mime,
symbolic wisdom enacting blunder,
an ancient way to make it right.

Returning the dawn of magick muse
re-awakens a curious joy
to toy with words of multiple meanings
in myriad English shades and hues
by mixing remove and re-deploy,
the forms of heliotropic leanings,
conception flowing from line to line
by trans-elastic syllable measure
away post modern word eaters
when merging rythm, image and rhyme,
threading and weaving sounds together,
fabric to transport courageous readers
by inward passage to hidden places,
soul-deep cavernous secret selves
in woodland refuge or lonely loft,
there daydream heaven-sent inspiration
as inner children revert to elves,
their gentle sorceries etherial waft
to realms of fantasy transformation -

where science serves the forest excels,
feeding villages at minimal cost
to Earth reclaiming her true foundation
that none need brood upon Manmade Hells,
so wise are the tribes all happily lost
deep in the arms of cosmic creation,

or flickering transfixed in darkened cells,
cerebral massage by commercial lust,
everyone's favorite degradation,
moral choice from whatever sells,
like fly-away operas so alien soft
all play to one humanoid federation
till a mind on Earth no longer dwells.

Now home again hopefully alerted in time,
attending this primal biosphere blue,
ailing now for conservative care,
arresting her cancer as eco-crime
against soil, air, water and you!

Do nurturing planets turn pallid and bare
as their nervous, too grown up children
charge-card their fortune's 500 races
to gorge on store-bought food-lying on shelves,
diet synthetic from the corporate cauldron,
slipping to each their chemical basis
for believing the star newscaster of spells,
selling assurance over and over -
don't sweat the the end of the crisis show,
go right on dying for more of the same
in trance to a national shaker and mover
of well-spoken rhetoric's sub-audio glow,
re-programming our bio-robotic brains
to get this economy, World without end,
right back on track to invest and grow,
forever consuming her mortal remains,
God wills our will is more money to spend?

If then, sleep again sad poet of rhyme,
arise all-dreaming the universal wonder,
Goddess Earth in her own geologic time
will grind a tyrant species under,
returning minerals stolen for greed
to natural soil and magickal seed.

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John Talbot Ross