Multibillions in human masses
of middle, rich and poor classes

scramble to climb the financial heights
for their adamant ad-driven appetites

dismissing all warnings or advice
to consider the ecocidal price,

but claim instead an absolute right
to increase, expand and excite

and double their ravenous numbers
so their global collection of blunders

now greedily glare at the stars
to jumpstart an Earth base on Mars,

though any predator population,
even this scientific civilization,

manages only to rise and fall
in yet another barbarian brawl,

like bin Laden's terrorist attack
and Bush's revenge in Iraq --

that's a problem with human people,
fear and desire are so deceitful,

venturing investors forget the germs
that quickly produce uncountable swarms

thriving in crowded cities and cages
and similar commercial outrages,

then mutate immune to antibiotics
that try to save these dollar-psychotics,

our money addiction so out of control
creation itself is bought and sold

as oceans get tons of sludge and trash,
cost advantage the corporate class,

cities build mountains of landfill,
oil tankers break for another spill,

and coal-fired electical power
sends up tons of smoke per hour

where toxic rains in seasonal shower
turn Earthen bio-chemistry sour,

in its polluted percolating stew
nowhere to hide for me and you --

so move on to a new living planet?
Astronomers cannot find to scan it,

no time to launch a mission out there,
just to reform and peacefully share

this biosphere we call Mother Earth
through life and death to spirit rebirth,

please say your personal prayer.

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