Human Desire Versus Global Reality

From the day we're born we want everything we can reach, our mothers' milk, loving care from both
mother and father, and whatever else they can give us and more beyond, and if and when those very
basic needs are somhow denied, we may turn into grim predators on the hunt to take everything any
way we can; but those young men with their dominating male hormones (testosterone) are much more
violently aggressive than any young woman with her nurturing female hormones (estrogen)--our ancient
and modern dilemma as men have waged bloody wars throughout history ("his story not hers").

Today that violent struggle has evolved into a massive high-tech society planning to colonize any more
living planets we can find in outer space; and nothing can stop it, except the fact this planet that
created us is a living and slowly shrinking biosphere that cleans itself with sometimes violent weather
cycles. So, the more pollution dumped by whatever species, dinosaurs or humans, the more devastating
the storms -- and now with over 7 billion of us dumping thousands of tons of all kinds of pollution,
the storms are so horrendous (like super storm Sandy and super typhoon Haian) the survivors need several
years to recover. Thus, the questions arise: how many people and how much pollution can this biosphere
survive by hitting us with ever more devastating storms, and how much longer can we survive them before
our civilization collapses in chaos?

Oddly enough in this high-tech World, the solution is extremely simple: 1. Safely recycle 100% of all
human-generated waste materials, and 2. Peacefully reduce the human population with family planning
education in which each woman is given the legally protected right to decide if and when to conceive and
birth her children. Whenever women have that personal power the vast majority decide to birth no more
than 1, 2 or 3 babies because of the huge amount of work necessary to take good care of each and every
child. The problem with that is corporations need to expand their business operations to make more money
to keep ahead of their debts, so they want a growing population of new ad-addicted consumers. But today
a growing economy is an ecocidal economy. Planets can die. Look at cold and barren Mars with its minimal
weather system blowing over desolate plains, mountains and dry river beds all covered over with a layer of
iron oxide dust. Iron oxide is rust, so how did all that iron get above ground, and could anything but water
have flowed in those dry river beds? Millions of years ago Mars was a living planet, and now it's dead.
Then what about our own planet Earth? It appears we still have a choice.

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