No more yearning
for the romance of escape
from this delusional mass
of technoid predators
who grow obsessively
to consume and trash
everything of value
as it degrades into
big city smog,
mountains of landfill,
oceans of plastic slurry
and dead zone sludge,
all suffused in a pall
of industrial fumes
that filter down into
every living body
on Earth.

So why nevertheless
study, brood and dream
to analyze and explain
the dread origin
of these carnivors
who pretend to be
homo sapiens?

Should this now
dimming lighthouse
of an aging mind
continue searching
beyond the arrogance
of religion, politics, species
and racketeering science,
toward a global network
of eco-tech villages
green and friendly
as few imagine?

Yet all this time
genetically damned
by our Pleistocene grandfathers,
those brain-munching cannibals
addicted to murder, pillage and rape
who bred this mutated race
of ravenously brilliant apes
now set to plunder the Cosmos.

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John Talbot Ross