Are you one of those lucky Americans
gainfully employed by an omnivore corporation
and thus concerned about the environment?
Please then donate to these oh so gentle campaigns
to save the wilderness with dedicated movements
of tons of paper appeals for more dollars
that actually rescue, establish and insulate
from factory floors and family services
each cozily computed professional sanctuary
for politically corrected right livelihood
whose chronic optimism demurs to offend
the species source of each info-sheltered,
trust-imprinted ego ascending high above
any clear-cut issue of impending global ecocide,
deaf to frantic voices hoarse from warning
the flood of billions of ravenous humans
continuously dumping megatons of toxic waste
is a cancer that absolutely will die with its host,
all such doom-tainted metaphor so labeled
another wacko fringe by madman Kazinsky's
counter-production of more loyal technoids
joining the multi ring media circus act
of carefully disguising their own madness
by censoring the fact we all soon will be
self-condemned to extinction.

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John Talbot Ross