Worse than ravenous Suidae
fled from slaughterhouse sty
to poke, uproot and push
America's woodland subsoil,
quitting their plowed up spoil
to devastate the bush,

or furtive guerrilla Rodentia
lately of sewers and gutters,
gnawing at walls so insubstantial
their passage to civilized flavor
links kitchen with attic and cellar
to trade their fleas and saliva
for salty bread and sweet butter.

Worse than teeming Muscidae,
those playful flying appetites
taste what we dumbly supply,
from trash to uncovered bites,
rank toilet to juicy confection,
oily skin, greasy lips, watery eyes
giving eager germs a free ride
to their next infection,

or surreptitious Blattidae,
night-crawling the kitchen table,
stovetop, cupboard, sink and radio,
knife, fork, spoon, plate, cup and ladle,
bureau, bed, TV or video.

Worse than female Culicidae,
whining to suck your blood,
and feed her eggs such food
to swarm like cousin fly,
if injecting a certain bacillus,
we shiver and sweat a fever
that sooner or later
may kill us,

or conquering Siphonapterae,
infesting their stallion rats
to plague demented Europa,
killer of witches and cats.

As scavenger parasite hordes
let Earth instill her laws
they follow the food to breed
and track this capital Man
by his overbreeding flaw,
his genius a servant of greed
for power supply and demand
that each hungry business grow
wherever the dollars may lead
to ever expanding rewards.

Is ecocide part of the plan
or does anyone care to know
we mutate to cancerous seed
in growing deserts of sand?

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