Gasp and Grasp

Federal, state and
local authorities in
quiet cooperation with
nearly all the news media
have expediently chosen
never to mention the
now impending death
of our living Earth,
ecocide caused by the
growing mass of pollution
ignorantly dumped by our
growing mass of humanity
seven billion and counting
on this slowly shrinking and
fatally poisoned planet --
whatever we might say
ignored to avoid panic
and even more chaos
and violence than
our psychotic species
habitually perpetrates
against itself somewhere
in the World twenty four
hours a day.

Yet Earth might survive
with each nihilistic
religious fanatic
and pandemic disease
amassing to slaughter
almost every human alive.

These revelations are grim
but without them I'd go mad
and I choose sanity
however sad,
and cling to the hope
every real person
self-educates to a
green revolutionary,
their peaceful talents
helping biosphere Earth
reclaim her balance
however necessary.

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John Talbot Ross