Even as diversity promotes our wealth,
within every furless, civilized ape
gather signs of an all too common self
as color, smell, speech, hair, eyes, shape,
clothing, folklore and religious consent
prove WE are the people and nobody else! -
such dumb pretention never content
to credit an upright, two-legged gait,
so ethnic vanity stirs racial hate
after 300 years of White abuse
angry Black bias yearns to break loose
on our guilty habit and rule of forbearance
these slave-bred descendants advance
with the weapon of terrible habits
birthing out babies like rabbits
growing to gang White families out
advantage Black election day clout
voting Brothers and Sisters up there
to turn the Man's legalities "fair",
though a few bright Afro jewels
educate up to their class renewal,
more train to be sports go-getters
but rank in O.J.'s Othello curse,
of first equally good and better
then just as bad and worse
with home boys in the hood
criminal terror says good
if slavery is never forgiven
then never a safe White haven
from THAT content of character
lurks such a devious malfactor
half a million men walked away
from Farakhan's eloquent essay
as growing "ghettoes" propagate fear
White enclaves sell out and disappear
and nice White liberals funding Civil Rights
find neighborhood walking unsafe at night,
now surrounded by the new Black majority,
wonder if equality was the true priority,
conned by an equally two-faced population,
ask "Hey, whatever happened to integration?!"
Founding Fathers could not have forseen
a tragic end to their democratic dream,
blessings of freedom corrupted and sour
in masses addicted to tribal power.
Listen, out there! Did you hear that scream?
What new horror now, what bloody extreme?!

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