Here on ravenous Earth
where all life eats life to live,
our primal schizo design
for killing to create a future
is never resolved in moral debate
but brutally pushed onward
as the brave industrial progress
of our tough entrepreneurs,
hungry capital investors
and exploding population
whose economic sprawl
poisons its own biosphere
while launching outward
to nearby Moon and Mars
where robots in rockets
plan a Cosmic take-over
to incorporate the stars
and market their planets.

Will our nanotech conquerors,
created free from bio death,
be programmed for conscience
on their imperial mission
to harvest alien treasure,
or would that be unprofitable,
a waste of time and money
to spoil our space adventure?

Skirl to foretell and forestall
this mechano-metastasis
of rank humanity blasting off
from its cancerous cell !

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John Talbot Ross