Without academic standing and personal connections
no writer or poet has a snow flake's chance in hell of
getting published by any successful mainstream or
university press. The so-called "marketplace of ideas"
is actually closed by the presumption that great writing
cannot possibly emanate from anywhere else than among
those who are college educated and therefore "enlightened",
a prejudice cast in the stone and steel of office buidings
owned and operated by universities and publishing houses
around the World. Self-publishing is, therefore, the last
resort of poor writers and poets before succumbing to
complete social oblivion.

It is a lonely path, especially when friends and family
say nothing to encourage or discourage what they have been
taught to regard as literary pretention. Faced with such a
wall of silence, perhaps many have spared themselves the
torment of hopeless struggling - except for a few like me
who just cannot leave it alone, the yearning to speak and be
heard overwhelming all common sense.

So, here was one voice, lost in a global mass society of seven
billion and counting. If our modern civilization survives its
madness, perhaps someday a scholar or collector will notice -
and perhaps not. It is beyond my vision.

John Talbot Ross

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