Revolving slowly
and icily sparkling
inside their spiral galaxy,
millions of atomic suns turn
together with our own meridian star
who freely casts thermonuclear radiance
to hold and nurture these nine fetal planets,
though one alone spins counterpoised
between extremes of heat and cold
to generate life-expanding bio-networks
so rapt in predatory grasping to live
their collective omnivore appetite
sates only by however many will
devour each other to near extinction
and thus evolve in flight to sentience,
such primal impulse neatly disguised
as the rise and fall of civilization
where innocent birth hates evil death
and bravely fights on alone together
with frantic techno-persistence,
till gossamer beings of loving light
infer to wakening bicameral minds
the other half of existence.

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John Talbot Ross