When careful to be lucid
your studies will discover
we billions of humans
are all accursed,
born to global life
that kills and devours
life to simply live,
since brain nourished
long-ago cannibals
grew like a hungry mass
of madly ambitious tumors
bitterly brawling over
possession of everything
and our choice in time
to be malignant or benign
while begetting, swarming
and polluting the World
beyond its endurance of
of our growing tons of waste,
though many are devoted
to healthy Nature restored
trying somehow to rescue
our twisted, ecocidal horde
for a green life in balance,
our hopes may be crushed
by all this chaotic weather,
the seasons dispersed to
scattered patches of storm,
and flood, drought and dust ---
or has my dour verse
underestimated the
regenerating power
of this biosphere home
we love as Mother Earth?

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John Talbot Ross