with faulted blessings of life
like the useful curse of a knife
to kill and cut up your food
respectively kind and crude,
you chew, swallow and digest
hoping again for the best
creative energy to dream
a working financial scheme
for a corporation elite,
salary and bonus treat,
fine house in the country,
accepted by local gentry,
children to university,
free of underclass adversity,
then a wealthy fun retirement
and a faithful family interment
passing to heavenly worlds
free of these Earthly quarrels --
or serve your reptillian dread
demanding to never be dead
that medical science rejuvenate,
living forever to dominate
with a strictly chosen few,
this precious physical you.
Thus games of personal power
seem forever to flower
with faster economic growth
and a baited promise of both
to avoid the dark message
and extend the life passage
of corporate exploitation
to the next Administration
whose sappy Millennial vision
covered the short term decision
to grow this indebted economy
by commanding global hegemony
over exploding populations
using their hot expectations
to launch into space and grow
and grow and grow and grow
these fat commercial appetites
like some cancerous parasite,
the one true enemy
we fail to see on maps
clear enough to fight
for the next generation
whose green cooperation
might recycle even now
a growing tonnage of scraps,
the mountains and oceans
of garbage slurry and slough,
forestalling biosphere collapse,
global toxic contamination
and mass extermination.

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John Talbot Ross