If I define elegance
as life graduating free
from the hungry creatures
of air, land and water
who attack and eat us,
those we drive to extinction
would agree.

So when relevance
is a job to oversee
and expose the gross features
in scenes of commercial slaughter,
tons of bloody guts greet us
and haters of moral distinction

to culinary arrogance
with friends who agree
to shield son and daughter
from those veggie preachers
with their annoying treatise
on diet restriction,
and be free

till a colon protuberance
grows like a tree
and medical researchers
open to a broader
concept to treat us
in balance for remission,
and our plea

that a life of reverence
is the key
for doctors, nurses and teachers,
curing disease and disorder
from aging body to fetus
give their healing attention
for a standard fee.

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John Talbot Ross