To one globe did our galaxy give
a blending of soil, air, water and sun
so life may kill life to eat and live,
a sentence of death at first breath,
doomed to die from day one,

though yearning cells by gathering force
do sex-propel their future course

of delerium joys that swell and flood
to bring us the girls of magic blood

whose impulsive boys' testostero noise
symbolize death in their dangerous toys,

sacrificed early to a goddess order,
late in learning the arts of murder

for science of war's imperial peace,
system enforced by corrupted police,

smashable heads so render us mute
to the progress of unlimited loot,

electric powered factory orders
rip the limbs off trees and martyrs

as wilderness beings fall astounded
to conquering armies of walking wounded

who data-chip this micro world-in-a-box
to energy-curve a process of paradox,

converting the Earth to spendable cash
wasted on wealth and the megaton trash

from growing economies' endless expansion,
chasing their dreams to self-extinction....

Mommy, Daddy, please save the baby,
these people are completely crazy,

all tripping on sweet chocolate chalk
too zonked to sense the hovering hawk

screaming to warn of unhealthy weather
on human beings so desperately clever,

caught in their tight little tech evolution
acting out "love" as a new revolution......

let it go, forget it, all in the past,
too many people grab to the last,

take me dreams to your farthest realm
as humans turn Earth into Hell

no need to wonder how to respond,
I paid for my token, now is the time
to ride this subway to the end of the line,
to the end of the line and beyond.

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John Talbot Ross