Cancer, Cause and Cure

On Planet Earth
all life must kill
and devour life
to live and grow
with hot macho lust
giving multiple birth
so ever more life
may waste and pollute
and forever spread
beyond dying Earth
to conquer and consume
more solar systems
til the universal
cosmic body
is dead?

No ecocidal crash!
Heal these global wounds,
safely recycle our trash,
junk, smoke and fumes
while each family grows
their own organic garden
where a small river flows
by their own family land
with their 2-3 children
so lovingly well planned
extending that education
reduces and stabilizes
the human population;
but only if every man thinks
how to peacefully manage
his bloody animal instincts
will everyone at last be free
to finally and gladly agree
to use our creative talants
to live in peace and balance
naturally and contentedly.

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