NEW AGE CALENDAR - 5 day week

If Mankind is to have any real hope of surviving at all,
certain changes must happen soon, the most important
being a peaceful reduction in the human population, because
planet Earth is slowly shrinking and cannot forever support
exploding numbers of people and their growing mass of
all kinds of pollution.

We do know that ozone holes were appearing, the biggest
around the South Pole including part of South America and
Australia. Skin cancers were increasing everywhere until
the international agreemnet to replace the CFCs with less
harmful industrial chemicals. Wikipedia Report

To prevent any such deadly process we need to reform our
consumer lifestyle that demands more and more cars and
refrigerators for always more people. We need to slow down
and live in balance within the Earth's natural cycles and
apply whatever technology will actually make that happen.

One way to help would be a change in the way we calculate
our day-to-day routines - the calendar. Following is my
version of a New Age Calendar for people dedicated to
helping save the Earth for their children, grandchildren,
great grandchildren and beyond.

Geological science describes the age of the Earth as about
4.54 billion years, so call it Year 4.54 Billion + or - 2013.

A detailed explanation follows below the calendar itself.

John Talbot Ross
May 1999

(calendar updated yearly)

Year 4.54 Billion +/- 2013


New Year begins at Winter Solstice
on January 1st


begins at Vernal Equinox on April 1st


begins at Summer Solstice on July 1st


begins at Autumnal Equinox on October 1st


The math is fairly simple, because the number of days in a
year, 365, is divisable by 5, which gives 73 five-day weeks
distributed among the 4 seasons.

Because Earth's orbit of the Sun is eliptical and planets move
faster when closest and slower when farthest away, Winter is
the shortest season with 89 days. Therefore, two months have 30
days and one has only 29 - and it might as well be February.

Spring and Summer move farthest and slowest, so they both have
93 days. Therefore, June and September can each have 33 days
and the rest 30; or each Spring and Summer month could have 31
days. It doesn't matter as long as the total is 93. I put 3 days
at the end of June and September to accomodate the traditional
celebrations of Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox. (Winter and
Spring have no "extra" days so celebration of Winter Solstice and
Spring Equinox would take place during the week, perhaps the whole
week. In a more relaxed society, why not?

Autumn, on its way to Winter, has 90 days, so each month has 30.

The names of days, weeks and months are actually irrelevant
because they have no real connection to the mathamatics, so
people can call them whatever they want.

There are already many, many lunar calendars and most of them
are accurate, so I see no need to enter another one here; but,
obviously, people are free to draw in the phases of the Moon,
or anything else, onto a copy of this or any other calendar.

You may have noticed there is no reference to Leap Year.
In fact, it's a delusion, caused when time is calculated by
clocks, which after 4 years seem to have lost a day because
a solar day is slightly longer than 24 hours. But if time is
measured by the Sun alone, there's no problem. Isn't it odd
that no one has invented a commercial clock that keeps more
accurate solar time? A cesium atomic clock does so, but I
suppose that would be too expensive to mass market, or -
is there something else going on? Unless we do all the basic
measurements ourselves, how do we know which day is solstice
and which day is equinox? We could be off by several days
and not know it, and the mass of busy modern citizens don't
even think about it.

The ancient Britons broke their backs to construct their own
great calendar at Stonehenge because they needed to know
exactly when each season begins to decide when to plant,
nurture and harvest crops, and when the dead time of the year
ends at Winter Solstice, giving them hope for survival in a
new and more bountiful year. But today, all the professional
scientists dominate everything because they work for powerful
corporations or federal agencies, or for universities that get
their funding from those same corporations or federal agencies.
So, how do we know? Maybe people could build their own
mini-stonehenges, or woodhenges. In fact they did, all over
Europe and America, long before the Roman and Christian
conquests that destroyed or suppressed the ancient knowledge.

Since 5 and 6 both divide equally into 30, an alternative to
this calendar could consist of 6-day weeks, everything else
staying as is. That calendar is next in the Contents.

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