Our train riders' entreaty
get rid of that awful grafitti
caught Stewart black-handed,
baton-beat and strangled
by the Transit cop subway committee
who turned to bold Mayor Klotch,
whose boasting hid many a blotch
on his downtown City Hall governance
told his Coroner Gross
dig your scalpel in close
so the blood-shot eyes cannot watch
or be given as Courtroom evidence.

Benevolent patrolmen of conviction
were assisting a grandma's eviction
when her temper cut fast
their double-shot blast
confirmed "New York's finest" distinction.

Brooklyn Black businessman Miller
taught drugs are a terrible killer
till some cops on the pad
got so terribly mad
they choked Miller publicly stiller.

A willowy technician named Goetz
feared crime till it gave him cold sweats,
bought a gun for Black punks
and delivered some hunks
of hot lead to deaden their "threats".
Popularity stirred,
Grand Jury deterred,
Black parents demurred,
claiming justice deferred,
with lawyers conferred
to the Court they averred
that Goetz sweat more debts than regrets.

A newspaper tycoon named Wordock
well earned him the moniker slurdock,
would his victims all sued
and strip him near nude
to wander the fields sniffing burdock.

When politicos yearn to be President,
waxing rhetoric to shiny new precedent,
may reporters so mean
bare their laundry unclean
till they wane in the slammer depressident.

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