Magnetic joining of opposite sex
conceives in their sacred lust
the warm liquid dreams
of blood pulse reflex
in amnio-tidal lungs
following nine moons
of imperfect trust
down its uterine rejection,
cast out of life yet alive
to gasp and scream its primal stress,
wailing for heartbeat's unity,
though suckable milkbreasts revive
in arm's enfolding caress
her drumbeat's soothing security
from dread unsafely arrived
at seeming salvation blessed
yet a child of giants may fall
when its four-limbered, thumb-fingered brain
craves action for impulse to power
cry hunger and mess, grab, kick and crawl
and bump into demons of pain
when a bright little ravenous grower
discovers a gossamer wall
for howling hate and terror
at amorphous, anonymous enemy
whose deadly wit a hideous parody
catches in traps of error
with cuts and scrapes, bruises and burns
on beloved but vincible body,
that sleeps,
to dream symbolic image and fable,
re-arranging a balance of mind,
each lesson from ancient friends
giving hope they will be able
to help the mystery unwind.

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John Talbot Ross