Nature is manifest in all societies,
there are no exceptions,
though priests and seers,
philosophers, magicians
and politicians of all varieties
kite-fly their noble conceptions,
ignoring our base careers
of killing, devouring, digestion, excretion
to sell us bovine belief in moral pieties,
and we buy them with self-deceptions
extending this "now" a few more years
to glut these lusty animal appetites
with super technoid power predation,
suppressing by prescription any guilty fears,
so fill up the fridge, turn down the lights,
rev up the Rock and dance to a howl of validation,
no thinking, no questions, no doubts, no tears
when human desires become human rights.....

Yet all must lie down and sink into dreams
that suggest a non-physical existence,
an opposite realm of astral glow
beyond this planet of predatory schemes
if trouble-weary souls have patience
to learn where they need to know
how streams of sentience flow.

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John Talbot Ross