Humans are thoughtful and inventive,
but too many billions turn us
hateful and retentive,

though half as many could set us
free for creative incentive.

When money defines the value of labor,
it changes throughout the year,
cheating family friend and neighbor,

so minus any monetary unit,
one hour's work equals one credit,
cost and benefit without cash or debit.

Technology is practical and beneficial,
yet political economy turns it
explosively oppositional,

but free of all ads and profit,
both ethical and transitional.

Urban centers trade and communicate,
then incorporate, monopolize,
pollute and degenerate,

but if cities and families downsize
planet Earth can rehabilitate.

Taste buds defy all diet restriction
of savory feasting, yummy snacks
and obese food addiction,

so ignore the ads, trash the munchies
and go exercise with this new conviction:

Life is good if sometimes sad,
but too much of any good thing
turns it bad.

Thus manage your appetites and win
the healthiest body you ever had.

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