At The End

Ignoring the global curse
of its ever-growing mass
of toxic emissions
twenty four hours a day
savvy businessmen and
their politicians say
'grow that economy'
for this ever-growing
seven billion population
of ambitious consumers
who are using more water
than the weathering clouds
can circle the World without,
sending billions of plant buds
with food sellers and buyers
starving in global drought,
burning in wildfires or
drowning in flash floods.
So even though
most people and nations
neglected to safely recycle
their tons of no longer
out-of-sight, out-of-mind
trash, junk, smoke and fumes
or carefully reduce their
instinct-driven population,
some of them rode a bicycle
as a personal solution
to any environmental abuse,
assuming the planet would always
keep right on growing and giving
because after all that was
how they earned their living.

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