Christians pray to their human God
imagining physical resurrection
someday on Earth as in Heaven (!)
only because they're driven
by the terrifying prod

of flesh in desperation
to eat or be eaten,
beat or be beaten
on this planet of predation

where every precious self
an exquisite ego-construction
but doomed to death and destruction
when age breaks down their health
and they yearn for rebirth.

Yet each cleric, learned and wise
preaching the gospel to masses
also chokes and thrashes
when his soul departs to rise
and live forever in Heaven,
not on Earth.

Thus no human deity,
no Messiah or Jesus
can divinely save us
from our grim reality

that we humans overpopulate
to grow commercial power
on this planet turning sour
as bio-systems degenerate

more species go extinct,
but people play their games
to insulate their brains
from that ecocidal brink

with addictive medication
ending the human race
in a suicidal disgrace
of global toxification --

unless the guiding spirit
of love outside of time
speaks in magical rhyme
and all awaken to hear it.

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