in absolute cold,
great glimmering discs
of white hot atomic sparks
all cartwheel glacially adrift
in mystery depths of black space,
each reconstituting multiple bequests
of swirling, dusty, magnetic soot
mixing with radio-active fumes
into yet another centripetal vortex
till again bursting brilliance alight
a newborn thermonuclear star blazes
radiation out to its satellite clouds
of hot, churning trace nuclear stew,
each whirling and circling atilt
on its oval orbit of flat solar plane
cooling and condensing into spheres,
one with tidal pull of its solidifying moon,
spins a misty, stormy, saphirine atmosphere
sweeping over the molten, magnetic core
so roughly balanced by primal opposites
seasonal heat and chill contend to squall
and flood their roiling vapors down upon
erupting volcanic magma in steaming seas
boiling up miles-high billows of humid power
where lightening flashes to thunder NOW
you vast warm oceans of torrential rain
go re-create yet another brutal frenzy
to hunger, kill and devour to mate and birth,
sleep and grow to dream a changing future
of master command over sticks and stones,
fire, metal ore and tools for machinery
to build these spreading cities aglitter
with swelling trade in hope and rage
all to grow a surplus of benefit
for wealthy top predators
so in the smoggy swelter
of any hot metro summer
running wet rubbery bodies
may shriek childish delight
at taunting chase and tag of dread
or leap plunging to hydro sanctum
in the cool trace chemical tincture
of each painted concrete womb
brimming and shimmering seduction
to come toss and retrieve your fortune
with silver and copper seeds of success
so dumb to the curse of industrial magic,
blind to the fate of ecocidal abundance
overpopulating to compete in devious games
of commercial growth beyond rivals in debt,
destiny manifesting in wars of Man's dominion
over his global empires of credit boom and bust
needing always to grow, invest, consume and
drive ahead shopping day and night forever
and outward into the macrocosmic body,
till our gasping biosphere collapses
under tons of waste and garbage,
or the Sun reds out to implode,
returning all to gas and dust,
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