from this grownup child,
born one out of three billion sponges
ingesting the opposite assumptions
of a dominant literary father
and rebellious artistic mother,
their marriage of desperate egos
fueled by treachery and alcohol,
each unconsciously acting out
their bitter childhood dilemmas,
and extending their family chaos,
procreated this neurotic brew
of blundering sexual instincts
versus stumbling enlightenment
as a crassly presumptuous husband,
divorced for failure and neglect,
an advocate for women's rights
who vacillates on abortion,
the leftwing peace marcher
who supports the 2nd Amendment,
the some-sort-of anarchist
who opposes gay marriage,
the schizoid personality
that I and so many are.
Thus my struggle
for reality beyond this trap
of predator planet Earth
in its own Cosmic body.

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