Imagine a continental network of eco-tech villages,
all free to arrange their self-reliant activities
however they agree to do so.


Imagine all money is eliminated, all debt cancelled, all paper bills and coins recycled,
so all products are free while everyone continues to work producing only those things people
reasonably need and want. Thus, products and services are distributed in local areas among
people who know each other. That means everyone's food is grown in family and community
gardens in their own neighborhood. One of those services is a clean and healthy environment
by safely recycling 100% of all their pollution.

The human population is peacefully reduced with family planning programs in which each woman
is free to decide if and when to conceive and birth her children. Men may gently advise,
but never dictate.

Thus, with a smaller human population, wilderness areas flourish and planet Earth is returned
to it's natural order, while we all enjoy fresh air, clean water, organically grown food,
safely manufactured products and a naturally beautiful environment.

All deadly weapons are also safely recycled, perpetrators stopped and re-educated.
But the arts and sciences are continued, not for money but for love of beauty and
technical progress for the enjoyment of neighbors and friends.

International trade and travel are rarely necessary since electronic communication shares
whatever information about scientific, medical, technological advances and works of art
the people see as appropriate.

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