Never ending
eternity forever
escapes our definition
of meaning by measure,
even though here and now
when hearts stop beating
some souls pass through
a long dark tunnel
to the being of light
who reviews their past
and sends them back
to be more humble,
friendly and helpful,
none have ever quite
totally died, passed over,
then returned to life
to tell the whole World
all about Heaven or Hell
like so many tourists
reliving their travels.
Thus any depictions
of life after death
are religious writings
whose physical images
we know too well:
"the windows of heaven"*
"the gate of heaven"*
"the clouds of heaven"*
and several hundred other
material descriptions
of an immaterial,
spirit existence
of which we know
almost nothing,
except it is there
waiting for each soul
to rise up and away
from its dead body,

*Ge 7:11
*Ma 24:30
*Ge 28:17

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John Talbot Ross