Our Australian Herd Sires

Cassell Horned Dorsets imported 75 straws from "Samson", Symbah 99/99 from the Australian Flock "Symbah Dorset Horns" owned by Phillip Belford.


"Samson" is sired by Douglas Downs 77/95, a ram from one of the truly elite New Zealand Horned Dorset Flocks:

Douglas Downs 77/95

"Samson" had a really impressive show record in Australia with wins at some of Australia's most elite shows:

*Champion Ram at the 1999 Melbourne Royal as a ram lamb
(the first ram lamb to win champion)
*Supreme Champion All Breeds at the Goulburn Show in 2000
*Champion Ram at the Canberra Royal in 2000
*Reserve Champion Ram at the Sydney Royal in 2000
*Champion Ram at the Albury Show in 2000
*Reserve Champion Ram at the
Cowra New South Wales Championship
*Reserve Champion Ram at the 2000 Melbourne Royal

Beyond his impressive show record, "Samson" offers an impressive combination of eye-appeal, breed character, and muscular expression. With a mature body weight over 300 pounds and a mature height over 33 inches at the shoulder, "Samson" has plenty of size for the American market, while also offering genetic diversity and the focus on carcass traits emphasized in Australia.

If you want sheep with total dimension, including not only height and length, but also muscular expression, come see the lambs sired by our Australian bloodlines.



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