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We'll. . be in Sedalia. . . for the . . .MWSRS. . June 19-24. . .Horned Dorset show on Wednesday. . .Sale on Friday. . .Check out our Consignment. . .Pedigrees, Pictures, and Placings. . . Below. . .
2017 Midwest Stud Ram Sale: Sedalia Champion Ram and Champion Ewe

Victoria: 2016 NAILE Supreme Champion Ewe
Our Ewes: Looking Good
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Thank You 2017 Buyers: Thanks to You 2017 Promises To Be a Very Good Year
Our April 2017 Online Sale: Thank you Bidders and Buyers
Our 2017 Ohio Dorset Sale Champions: Thank You Buyers
Thank you Buyers for a great March 2017 Online Sale
We attended these Sales and Shows in 2016
Our Sedalia Consignment Thank you bidders and buyers for a fantastic sale!
2016 Horned Dorset Showcase Sale
Our April Online Sale: Three Great Ewe Lambs: Thank You Buyers For a Great Sale

2016 Ohio Dorset Sale
Thank you Buyers for a great 2016 March Online Sale
We attended these Sales and Shows in 2015
Sedalia: The 2015 National Dorset Sale
2015 April Online Sale
We're Coming to Ohio!
2015 February Online Sale: Thank You Buyers For a Good Sale
Our Champions: 2000-2014
At The Shows and Fairs: 2001-2014
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Paul Cassell
1686 Lovers Lane
Wytheville, VA
email: Paul

Barbara and Leon Cassell
2317 Peppers Ferry Road
Wytheville, Va 24382

Vet Services Provided by
Dr. B. B. Jessee
Peppers Ferry Road
Wytheville, VA
E-Mail:Barbara and Leon
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Last Update: June 21, 2017

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