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Preschool Ideas


We have had many people ask us what we do with our preschoolers during school time. We hope this page will give you some ideas.

Ideas for Two Year Olds

Language Arts
    Goal #1 To say the alphabet
  • We have an abc puzzle that we work together daily.
  • We have an abc chart that we sing together and say the letter sounds and pictures.
  • We orally say the alphabet while pointing to them on the wall.
  • We read alphabet books.

    Goal #2 To memorize poems and nursery rhymes

  • We sing songs together.
  • We read nursery rhymes together and our two year old repeats them.
Ideas for Three Year Olds

Ideas for Four Year Olds

If you have any ideas, please email us and we would love to include them to share with other people. You will be given the recognition if you include your name. Thanks. *smile*

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