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Kami Tora (paper tiger) just happens to be my favorite spanking artist. Not only do i find his art style very unique, but very detailed.

Kami Tora does not shame to show the moments of pure ecstasy or pain that define the practice of BDSM. What surprised me the most was that Kami Tora made me desire some activities that I wouldn't think to like. In fact these pictures were what made me realize that I like certain kinds of humiliation.

These pieces are just as visually beautiful as they are erotic.

2 of Hearts 4 of Diamonds 4 of Spades
(added 11/2/13)
10 of Clubs


Abby 1


Alexi Spank 1 Alexis 3


A Minus




Angie's Turn



Black Friday
Red Saturday
Brushing Up Caught CC's Prevention Cerise 1 Chew Toy



Crocodile Tears


Dukes of Hazzard Date Expect Decisions Employee Review Fender Bender Fetch Furyo 1


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