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Spanking Check List


Here is a list of activities that you may find helpful in guiding your lifestyle.  The list is should be filled out by the Spankee (one who receives the spanking) and the Spanker (one who gives the spanking).  This gives an idea on what each party expects, wants, needs and is willing (or not willing) to do.

Rate all the all activities (0 - 5)  that you are open to and would like to try or that are important to you.

                0 = You have no desires to do this activity you know you will hate it!
                1 = You don't want to do or like to do this activity, but wouldn't object if it was asked of you. 
                2 = You are willing to do this activity, reluctantly. 
                3 = You are willing to do this activity, on a regular basis. 
                4 = You would like to experience it on a regular basis.
                5 = The activity is a wild turn-on for you, and you would like it as often as possible. 

Spanker's can choose what to incorporate in their lifestyle by the Spankee's answers.  (If the Spankee hates asking for a spanking, then if they are really bad....make them ask!)  It is to give those who aren't familiar with the whole concept around spanking, a look at what they can incorporate into it.  These are just some ideas on how you might be able to use it. 



  • Erotic - foreplay

  • Fun

  • Just Because

  • Discipline

  • Punishment

  • Over Clothing

  • Bare Bottom

  • Over Panties

  • Over Panties then to Bare

  • Completely Nude

  • Nightgown & Bare Bottom

  • Tight Teddy Hiked Up Crack

  • Over throng

  • OTK/Spanker sitting in Straight Back Chair

  • Over Lap on Bed or Sofa

  • Spankee Laying on Bed with Pillows to Raise the Bottom

  • Bent over Edge of Bed

  • Bent Over Straight Back Chair

  • Over Back of Sofa/Chair

  • Over Arm of Sofa/Chair

  • Bent over Partner's hip & leg

  • Kneeling on Hands and Knees

  • Bending Over with Hands on Knees

  • Laying Over Foot Stool

  • OTK / Spanker's Leg over Spankee's Legs & Holding Wrists Behind Back

  • Over Kitchen Table

  • Over Spanking Horse

  • Tied to Wall with Cuffs and Chain/Locks

  • Whipping Post

  • Whipping Post/retrained by chains on wall

  • In stocks

  • Hand

  • Hairbrush

  • Paddle Wooden

  • Paddle With Holes

  • Leather Paddle

  • Switch

  • Belt

  • Strap

  • Wooden Ruler

  • Wooden Spoon

  • Rubber/plastic Spatula

  • Wooden Spatula

  • Wooden Bath Brush

  • Sandal/Slipper

  • Cane

  • Flogger - suede

  • Flogger - leather

  • Tawse

  • Rubber Hose

  • Riding Crop

  • Yardstick

  • Corner Time W/Hand at sides

  • Corner Time W/Hand folder in front

  • Corner Time W/Hands On Head

  • Fetching The Switch

  • Rapid Spanking

  • Lectures/Scolding before Spanking

  • Scolding During Spanking

  • Rubbing Bottom by Spankee

  • Rubbing Bottom by Spanker

  • Stripped

  • Phrases Used (Please spank me again Sir/Master / Thank you Sir, may I have another)

  • Safe word (not for punishment spankings)

  • Restraints - cuffs

  • Counting Strokes

  • Following Orders

  • Sent To Bed Early

  • Mouth Washing

  • Mouth Washing  (done in middle of, if used during spanking)

  • Spanker - Baring Subs Bottom

  • Spankee Ordered To Bare Bottom

  • Told What to Expect Ahead of Time

  • Corner Time While Holding Implement

  • Shop for Implements Together

  • Spankee Required To Pay For Implements

  • Spankee Required To Ask For A Spanking

  • Required To Address The Spanker As Sir/ Master or Other Name

  • Maintenance Spankings Given Everyday (includes any punishment spankings due)

  • Maintenance Spankings Given Every Second Day

  • Maintenance Spankings Given Once a Week

  • Maintenance Spankings Given Once a Twice Weekly

  • Maintenance Spankings Given Once a Month

  • Spankee Ordered To Retrieve Implement

  • Multiple Implements Used During a Spanking Session

  • Penalties [Extra Swats] (Not following Orders / Missing Count / Covering Up / Moving Out Of Position)

  • Phone Call Earlier in Day & Telling What Is To Come (be in corner waiting/what to be wearing)

  • Building Anticipation for Up-Coming Spanking (telling in advance that a spanking is coming)

  • Spankee Explaining Why They Are Receiving Correction

  • Hands During Spanking: Behind Head / Back / On Floor

  • Tied to Bed - Spread Eagle While Laying on Back

  • Spankee Holds Implement During Hand Spanking & Hands Implement to Spanker

  • Following the spanking but while still in position having the red and tender bottom cheeks coated with icy/hot to reinforce the sting.

  • Corner Time

  • Hugs/Cuddling

  • Sitting On Lap

  • Sitting on hard chair for period of time

  • Sex* 

  • Corner Time

  • Spankee Required To Thank Spanker for the Spanking

  • Spankee Made to Feel Love, Cherished, Protected & Secure

  • Spankee Get to Feels Guilt Free After Spanking

  • Sent Straight to Bed

  • Photograph Of Marks or Bottom Standing in Corner or Lying over Bed

  • Allowed to Cry while being Cuddled

  • Made to Apologize for Being Naughty

  • Wearing a Sign "I have been spanked for being a BAD girl."

  • Made to Post or Tell other Friends who are into Spanking about her Punishment

  • Writing Lines or an Essay

  • Being Grounded for a Period of Time

  • Loss of Privileges

  • Spankee Required To Show Spanker Condition Of Their Bottom (Whenever Asked)

  • No Panties and Shirt Tugged up For 24 Hours After Spanking

  • No Clothes For 24 Hours

*Except after punishment spankings, which should be delayed for at least a couple of hours before engaging in.



For further information, please E-Mail me.