"From one man...God made all nations...set the times...& their exact places...so that..." (Acts 17:26).
American Civilization: "Planned & Planted in a Place with a Purpose & a Promise, on a Premise".


America's 1st College
Historic Colonial Virginia Teaching Ministry

FOUNDED ~ 1619 a.d.
Magna Carta Liberty v Monarchy!
By 1st Virginia General Assembly, upon authority of
Virginia Company, as 'Outreach Teaching Ministry'.

10,000-acre campus along James River above 1611 Henricus. Became Wm&Mary.

REVIVED ~ 1992 a.d.
Life + Law + Grace ==> Liberty
Continuing Education, & Primary-Source Research:
Judeo-Christian Principles of "Liberty Under Law".

Mt Sinai==> Magna Carta ==> 1606 VA CHARTER ==> U.S. Republic ==> YOU?
History Legislation (1995, 2006, 2007, 2015, 2017 a.d.); Historic Records; Cruises.

400th ANNIVERSARY ~ 2019 a.d.
'400-years of America Teaching ... About ... America:
World-view Wars...America's Educational Agendas!'
1619 First's: Va General Assembly (a little Republic) + HENRICUS COLLEDGE,
Africans (not enslaved), Wives ('to fix the people on the soyle'), Orphans (London),
Thanksgiving (Berkeley Plantation, James River: '...yearly and perpetually keept').

Welcome Aboard
© 2017 (26 Nov), Steven C. Smith, Chancellor ... EMail: henricus.colledge.1619@gmail.com.