"From one man God made all nations...set times...& exact that men would seek Him." (Acts 17:26)
English Protestants Endangered: Burned at Stake (1555); Spanish Armada (1588); Gunpowder Plot (1605).
1606 First Va Charter created the Va Company: To build a "Judeo-Christian Republic" in Continent of Va.




America's 1st College
(Pocahontas: "Teach my people the Bible.")
(Va Company in London ok's fund-raising.)
(Founded 1619: By First Va Gen. Assembly)
(Campus 90-miles upriver at 1611 Henricus)
(Bible {1 Sam:8} God's warning 'No Kings')
(Opposition by King James I stalls Colledge)
(Progenitor of both: Harvard & Wm&Mary)

REVIVED 1992 a.d.
(Via: A Jamestown-Church Site Interpreter)
(Reset: American Christianity to when best)
(Amend: Neo-modern, agenda-driven errors
in basic, Interpretative Historical Schemata
at: Jamestowne..Henricus..Plimouth Parks)
(Purpose: 1606 Va Charter founds America)
(Promise: Academic Integrity; Documented)
(Research: Biblical Lineage of USA Liberty)
(Resource: 1606-1624 Va Company Records)
(Consults: History-Legislation, VA & SC, 7x)
(On-line: Fast Facts~Public Acts~Facebook)
(Each Year: Newport's 1607 Fall-Line Cross)
(Continuing Ed: History Talks~Site Walks +)
(Cruising Classroom: Upon James River, Va)

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