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"From one man...God made all nations...set times...& exact places...so that..." (Acts 17:26).
"Do not say I came to abolish the law...I came to fulfill...": Yeshua (Jesus): (Matthew 5:17).
AMERICA: "A Bible-based Idea Planned & Planted in a Place with Purpose & a Promise".


America's 1st College

FOUNDED ~ 1619 a.d.
By Historic First Virginia General Assembly
convened in 1607 Jamestown Island Church.
(re policies from Virginia Company...London).
A "Worke of Conversion" Teaching Ministry.
10,000-acre river-front campus, at Fall Line.
Legacy: Harvard (1636) & WmMary (1693).

REVIVED ~ 1992 a.d.
Research & Continuing Education Ministry.
America's..."Lineage of Liberty Under Law".
Re-set Christianity to historical foundations.
Modern-English primary-source documents.
Magna Carta >1606 Virginia >USA Republic.
Focus...Historic 1606 First Virginia Charter.

400th ANNIVERSARY 2019 a.d.
Major 1619 firsts to be celebrated...2019 a.d:
1st Va Republic+1st Colledge; 1st W. Africans;
1st Wives; 1st Orphans; and 1st Thanksgiving
2019 Programs: Cape Henry <==> Fall Line.
Events: Prayers/Shofar; James River Cruises.
Seminars: "Liberty Under Law v Socialism";
Legislative Reports: Virginia (3x) & SC (2x).

2017 a.d = 25th Anniv of "Revived"
© 2017 (17th June), Steven C. Smith, Chancellor ... Email: henricus.colledge.1619@gmail.com