"From one man...God made all nations...set the times...& their exact places...so that..." (Acts 17:26).
American Civilization: "Planned & Planted in a Place with a Purpose & a Promise, on a Premise".


America's 1st College
Historic Virginia-Company Teaching Ministry

FOUNDED ~ 1619 a.d.
To support Liberty..Oppose Monarchy
By 1st Virginia General Assembly upon authority of
Virginia Company & 'Maritime Missionary Mandate'.
10,000-acre campus along James River near 1611 Henricus. Became Wm&Mary.

REVIVED ~ 1992 a.d.
To Inform & Edify..Support Liberty
Primary-source Research, & Continuing Education:
Providential Roots of American 'Liberty Under Law'.
Mt Sinai ==> Magna Carta ==> 1606 Va Charter ==> U.S. Republic ==>...YOU?!

400th ANNIVERSARY ~ 2019 a.d.
To Celebrate "Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness"
"America's Worldview Wars...Educational Agendas!"
Teaching Talks...Site Walks...James River Cruises..+
1619 1st's: REPUBLIC+COLLEDGE...Africans...Wives...Orphans..Thanksgiving.

Welcome Aboard
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