"From one man...God made all nations...set times...exact places..." (Acts 17:26)

400th Anniversary ~ 2019 a.d.
"America Teaching America ~ 400-yrs."


America's 1st College

Founded 1619 Historic First Virginia General Assembly.
Inspired by the Bible-reading Pocahontas (the real one).
Premise: State under Creator; Church under Redeemer.
Proposed: By Protestant Virginia Company (1606-1624).
Opposed: By K. James, who detested Rep. Government.
English Civil War detered progress. Renamed: Wm&M.
~ ~ ~
Revived 1992 To do Research & Continuing Education.
America, in profound sense, is "Concept", not territory:
Planned & Planted in a Place with Purpose & Promise.
Goal: Judeo-Christian Civilization, Liberty Under Law.
Focus: 1606 Va Charter, "America's Birth Certificate".
Talks...Site-Tours..Cruising Classroom on James River.

Early American History Vital For Use Today!
Historically Accurate...Not Politically Correct!
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