"God made all nations..set times & their exact places.." (Acts 17:26).
English Maritime Missionary Mindset: Bible=>Virginia=>World!

400th Anniversary 2019 a.d.
Welcome to the Historic Heartbeat and Mystique of American Education: 1619=>




America's 1st College
In concord with Virginia Company Headquarter's instructions:
Founded by the 1619 First Virginia General Assembly, 31st July.
Virginia Company Purpose: "propagating of Christian religion";
& Promise: "legal residents...all Liberties as if...within England".
"If you can't read, you can't read the Bible for yourself...vital!!"
Basic worldview: Bible-reading, & Representative Government.
Outreach Teaching Ministry...Campus: At 1611 Henricus Cittie.
Progenitor of both Harvard (1636) and William & Mary (1693).

THE BIG ISSUE!: King (Prince/Prelate) ==> Va Company (President/Preacher).

Revived in 1992 a.d.
By 17th Century Historical Interpreter, Steven C. Smith, as a
means to correct post-Civil-War errors in American History.
Research & Teaching: The Virginia Co. Records (1606-1624).
"Magna Carta Lineage of American Civil & Religious Liberty".
Principles, Practices, Precedents, People and Perpetual Perils.
(Mt Sinai==>Magna Carta==>1606 Virginia==>USA Republic)

HISTORICAL: Talks, Walks, James River Cruises, Reprints, Legislation.

400th Anniv 2019 a.d.
The Heartbeat & Mystique of American Education!
Worldview Wars: American Educational Agendas!!
(Royalist Elitism vs REPUBLIC vs Socialist Elitism.)

English Monarchy.....1606=>America.....1960=>USA Schools

The 400th ANNIVERSARY of
1619 a.d. - 2019 a.d.
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