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At Loudun, France in the early 1600, there were many Protestants. On 30 Oct 1686 the royal family of France, who was Roman Catholic, sent a regiment of dragoons there to compell the Huguenots to recant their beleifs in John Calvin's teachings Many were killed,1500 recanted. Many Protestants, before the Missionaries of Rome arrive, had fled. Jacob, Pierre, and Mathieu Amonet were residents heads of famlies at Loudun, France in 1634. Jacob Amonet, who, with his wife and four infants, reached the colony of Virginia in 1700, is believed to be the son of Jacob Amonet of Loudun, France. He had a brother Francis Amonet who married Jeanne Crommelin whose family were linen manufacturers in St. Quentin, France. This couple escaped to England with great wealth in 1681. Jacob Amonet did not go directly to Virginia, but first settled in Holland. He served as an officer in the French Army and later in the Army of Holland where he was knighted by William, Prince of Orange. He followed the Prince into England and helped him to secure the crown. Jacob Amonet, the emigrant, and his family came to Virginia in 1700 with the French Huguenots that settled in Manakintown on the south side of the James River which later was constituted King William Parish, Henrico County, Virginia. Reference: The Huguenot: 1941-43. Pub No 11 (an article by Mrs Effie Gwynn Seargeant)



b.- c.1660 in France, d.- 5 Oct 1731 (lived in Manakintown, Henrico Co., Va. sp--Judith _______ d.- bef 1714, m.- bef 1700. 2 ANDREW AMONETT b.- c.1690 probably born in Paris, France , d.- 1763 (came to Virginia in 1700 on ship "Nasseau") sp-- JANNE (JEAN) MORRISET b.- c.1700, d.- 1765, m.- c.1721 3 JUDITH AMONETT b.- 20 Sep 1730. 3 JOCOB AMONETT b.- 15 Jun 1732 3 JEAN (JOHN) ANDRE' AMONETT b.-6 Aug 1734 3 CHARLES AMONETT b.- 9 Apr 1736 3 WILLIAM AMONETT b.- 1736 in Chesterfield Co., Va, d.- 1810 in Buckingham Co, Va. sp-- ELIZABETH BADGETT (died in Buckingham Co., Va.) 4 JAMES AMONETT b.- 1765, d.- c.1819 sp--MISS BROWN (Second wife of James Amonett) sp--NANCY KERR TOLER b.- 1735, m.- 29 Aug 1806 5 (six children) 4. WILLIAM AMONETT, JR. b.- 1 Mar 1774, d.-1853 sp--FRANCES TUCKER 5 (six children) 4 REUBEN AMONETT b.- 1782 in Chesterfield Co., Va, (moved to Overton Co., Tn, d.- 24 Sep 1814 at Ft. Jackson, Miss. of wounds in war of1812 sp--ELIZABETH JOHNSON 5 WILLIAM AMONETT b.- 1803 sp--MARTHA ARMSTRONG b.- 1818 5 FREDERICK AMONETT b.- 4 Sep 1804, d.- 25 Apr 1888 sp--DIVINE SULLIVAN 5 MARTHA AMONETT b.- c.1806 sp-- ______ ARMSTRONG 5 VIRGINIA AMONETT b.- 1808 sp-- ________ HASKELL 5 JAMES AMONETT b.- 1809, d.- 1875 sp--ELIZABETH HUDDLESTON b.- 1815, d.- 1864 6 MARY AMONETT b.- 1839 sp--TOM BARNES 6 MARTHA AMONETT b.- 1840 6 WILLIAM AMONETT b.- 1844 sp-- VINA GARRETT 6 WILLIS AMONETT b.- 1846, d.- 1928 sp--HANNAH ELIZABETH JACKSON b.- 1847 7 LEE ANN AMONETT (died as infant) 7 CORA AMONETT d.- 1949 sp-- MILLARD GUNTER 7 SALLIE AMONETT b.- 7 Mar 1885, d.- 30 May 1952 sp--AB B. PRITCHARD b.- 15 Jun 1872, d.- 16 Mar 1948 8 VERBLE PRITCHARD b.- 26 May 1911, d.- 19 Jan 1972 sp-- KATE EVANS b.- 21 Oct 1912, d.- 8 Jul 1975 9 BETTY JEAN PRITCHARD b.- Nov 1946 7 JOHN AMONETT b. 1954 sp-- OCTAVIA ERVIN 7 JAMES J. AMONETT d.- 1963 sp--ELZETTA GARRETT 7 LAFAYETTA AMONETT (died as young boy) 7 MARY AMONETT d.- 1957 sp--JOHN RICH 7 MARTHA AMONETT d.- 1962 sp-- PORTER HILL 7 LOU ELLA AMONETT (died at age of 24) 6 ARTEMA AMONETT b.- 1851 sp-- SUTTON JACKSON 5 SALLY AMONETT b.- c.1812 sp-- REUBEN TIDOW 4 THOMAS AMONETT b.- c.1766, d.- 1863 sp-- JANE CLARKSON 5 (nine children) 4 MARY (MOLLIE) AMONETT sp--STEPHEN CHASTAIN m.-12 Apr 1786 5 (six children) 4 SALLY AMONETT b.- 1783, d.- 1815 (unmarried) 3 ANDREW AMONETT 3 JANE AMONETT 3 ELIZABETH AMONETT 3 MAGDALEN AMONETT 2 CHARLES AMONETT sp--DIANNE ________ There is a question regarding the father of Charles Ammonett b.- 13 Oct 1758 ,who married Phebe Hall. The father may have been Charles Amonett, the son of Jacob Amonett, the immigrant; or the father may have been Charles Amonett the son of Andrew Amonett b, c,1690 ,and his wife Jeanne (Jean) Morrisett (Amonett) b.- c.1700, d.1765, m.- 1721. The I.G.I. files of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints have him being the son of Charles Amonett who married DIANNA ______. I am not sure which Charles Amonett married Dianna, but it seems the dates might indicate that Charles Ammonett who married Phebe Hall on 1 Feb 1797 was the son of Charles Amonett the son of Andrew Amonett and Janne (Jean) Morrisett (Amonett). Here he is shown as the son of Charles Amonett, the son of Jacob Amonett, the immigrant. 3 CHARLES AMMONETT b.- 13 Oct 1758, d.- 14 Apr 1833 sp--______ _______ (unknown) 4 CREED AMMONETT sp-- MRS. SARAH PETERSON m.- 26 May 1824 (second wife of Creed Ammonett) sp--FRANCES McGRUDER m.- 18 Jul 1833 4 BRETT AMMONETT d.- Jul 1853 (never married) (Second wife of Charles Amonett) sp--PHEBE HALL b.- 1777, m.- 1 Feb 1797 4 RANDOLPH AMONETT sp--NANCY AMMONETT m.- Feb 1851 (Second wife of Randolph Amonett) s--______ _______(Unknown) 4 AMMON A. AMMONETT 4 CHARLES AMMONETT (never married) 4 WILLIAM THOMAS AMMONETT (never married) 4 MARGERY BARTON AMMONETTE b.- 1 Sep 1798, d.- 27 Jan1879 sp--THOMAS ATKINSON b.- 13 Apr 1793, d.- 1 Aug 1855, m.- 27 Oct 1825 (lived in Chesterfield Co., Va) 4 PHEBE AMMONETT sp--THOMAS MAHONE m.- 23 Sep 1828 4 MARY AMMONETT sp--GEORGE TINSLEY m.- May 1833 5 CHARLES TINSLEY 4 MARTHA A. AMMONETT sp--RANDOLPH ROBERTS 4 ELIZA AMMONETT sp-- JAMES WATKINS Note: On 2 DEc 1833 Phebe Ammonette was made guardian for Martha A. Ammonette, Ammon A. Ammonette, and William Thomas Ammonette orphans of Charles Ammonette. On 2 Dec 1833 Phebe Ammonette was made guardian for Eliza Ammomette, said to be of unsound mind. On 6 Oct 1834 Phebe Ammonett was made guardian for Matilda Ammonett who was said to be of unsound mind. In the Powhatan Co. 1850 census Matilda Ammonette was living with Phebe Ammonette. WE do not know Mitilda's relationship to the family. 2 JACOB AMONETT, JR. b.- c. 1696, d.- 5 Oct 1725 2 CHARLOTTE AMONETT sp--JEAN CHASTAIN 2 MAGDALENE AMONETT sp--ABRAHAM SALLE